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How Debt Settlement Works: Our Approach to Debt Settlement

If debt settlement is a bankruptcy alternative that you feel is right for you, our expert debt relief specialists can help guide you towards the credit card debt-free life you deserve. As your partner in credit card debt relief, we want you to feel safe and secure knowing exactly how our process works and what results you can expect.How Debt Settlement Works

We Take Your Stress Away

When debt dominates your life, it causes an enormous amount of stress. And when finances get tight, the constant phone calls and late notices only add to the tension. We lift that burden off of your shoulders by knowing you have a proven team in the Debt Settlement Industry.

We Settle Your Credit Card Debt

Our debt settlement negotiators have what it takes to settle your unsecured debt more than you might have imagined possible. Debt settlement is a true bankruptcy alternative because it settles the amount of debt that you owe. Our debt relief team is comprised of experienced experts in negotiation that know the key tactics that work for your benefit when arbitrating with creditors and debt collectors. Our long and thorough experience with many types of creditors gives us the bargaining power to make paying off your balances through debt settlement an easier and faster process.

We Give You One Low Program Monthly Payment

Our negotiating power and experience in debt relief works to give you one low monthly program payment commitment and gives you the flexibility you deserve. By having one low program payment you are in a stronger position to determine the best ways to strengthen your financial situation as you work through the debt settlement process.

We Take You To Credit Card Debt Freedom As Fast As You Want

Our debt relief team will work with you to determine the amount of money that you want to devote to debt settlement each month. This money will go into a “settlement account” (a special trust account opened up in your name) that will be used to pay off your settled balances over time. However, the length of that time frame is up to you. Based on the amount you are willing to regularly put into your account toward debt relief, we then calculate how long it will take to become credit card debt-free (our programs last 12-48 months)*.

We Make Sure That Debt Settlement Is Right For You

We are committed to only serving those who truly benefit from what our debt settlement program has to offer. If debt settlement is not the perfect fit for your situation, we will let you know. There are several forms of debt relief and we are committed to ensuring that debt settlement is the right fit before we begin the debt relief process.

And it all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with our talented debt relief experts. Give us a call right now and find out if debt settlement is right for you.