What Are Bankruptcy Alternatives?

If you have a lot of credit card debt and feel like you’re never going to get out, you may have considered bankruptcy to try and resolve your debt. Maybe the fear of filing bankruptcy is keeping you in debt longer and ignoring the harsher situation… Being in credit card debt longer than you’ll pay your ... Read More

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Is Bankruptcy the Only Alternative For People With Bad Credit?

There are many reasons why good people have bad credit.  Divorce, job loss, and unexpected expenses such as catastrophic medical care and major home repairs can all cause what seems like irreparable damage to even the most financially responsible people.  But the damage caused by late payments, defaulted payments, and wage garnishments is nothing compared ... Read More

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Is Filing Bankruptcy Right For You?

Did you cringe when you read “bankruptcy”? It’s ok because you’re not alone and many who are looking for debt relief programs want to avoid bankruptcy unless it’s absolutely necessary. For some, bankruptcy can be a blessing in disguise. And for others, it’s a complete emotional nightmare with long lasting and sometimes permanent effects. If you need ... Read More

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