Debt Relief Affiliate Program

Join the First Choice Debt Relief Affiliate Program. Get Paid To Help Consumers With Their Debt.

Our debt relief affiliate program is built with providing the most opportunity to earn revenue than any other program in the industry. We provide a variety of ways for you to refer people who need help with their unsecured credit card debt (Credit cards, personal loans).

We have a dedicated contact for our affiliate program that you can reach at or calling 800-631-5573 ext 2172.

  • Pay Per Website Lead

      • Earn $35 per qualified lead you refer who complete our web form. Lead must have at least $10,000 in unsecured credit cards, live in a qualified state, and be looking for help with their debt.
  • Pay Per Call

    • Earn $50 per valid call. We’ll provide a unique toll-free number on your website. Valid Calls is during business hours in states we operate in where the caller has $10,000 or more of unsecured credit card debts and can afford a minimum of $250 monthly payment.
  • Pay Per Sale

    • Earn up to $500 – $800 per valid enrollment. This is one of the highest payouts in the industry.
      • For every new client you refer, who gets a free evaluation by us for a debt relief quote, enrolls in our program and makes their first full monthly payment into the program.
        • 0 to 10 clients enrolled per month, you earn $500 per sign up
        • 11 to 20 clients enrolled per month, you earn $600 per sign up
        • 21+ clients enrolled per month, you earn $700 per sign up
      • This program is offered as a standalone to affiliates. Meaning if you choose a Pay Per Web Lead or Pay Per Call, this program offer is not available.

Affiliate Referral Commission: We will pay 15% commission on any sales that your referred affiliates earn.


Debt Relief & Debt Settlement Wholesale

Do you want to more than an affiliate opportunity? We also offer a wholesale division that can take care of all debt settlement servicing. Our operation has had over 12 years to fine-tune its processes. We don’t require any contracts, we provide top-notch service (check out our reviews on BBB, TrustPilot and Google) and will scale with you. We’ll provide you with all the resources to become a successful debt settlement agency.